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Sejanus, His Fall monologue from the play by Ben Jonson Essay Example For Students

Sejanus, His Fall monolog from the play by Ben Jonson Essay A monolog from the play by Ben Jonson NOTE: This monolog is reproduced from Sejanus, His Fall (1603). SEJANUS: If this be not vengeance, when I have done What's more, made it great, let Egyptian slaves, Parthians, and shoeless Hebrews brand my face, What's more, print my body brimming with wounds. Thou lost thyself, kid Drusus, when thou thoughtst Thou couldst outskip my retaliation, or outstand The force I needed to pulverize thee into air. Thy imprudences currently will taste what sort of man They have incited, and this thy fathers house Split in fire of my enraged anger, Whose fierceness will concede no disgrace or mean. Infidelity? It is the lightest sick I will submit. A race of fiendish acts Will stream out of my displeasure, and oerspread The worlds wide face, which no successors Will eer support, nor yet keep quiet; things That for their guile, close, and pitiless imprints, Thy father would wish his, and will, maybe, Convey the unfilled name, yet we the prize. On, at that point, my spirit, and start not in thy course; In spite of the fact that heav drop sulfur, and hellfire burp out fire, Giggle at the inactive fear. Tell glad Jove, Between his capacity and thine there is no chances. Twas just dread first on the planet made divine beings.

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Letter Writing Exercise Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Letter Writing Exercise - Assignment Example Also, Felicia is the primary donor of the achievement of E&Y as far as customers. Be that as it may, I might want to cause you to notice a portion of the difficulties that occur at the work place and requires your consideration. Regardless of Felicia being a progressive chief, her response towards Curt, the customer we visited today, was not excessively encouraging. The negative recognition she had towards Curt made her to assume responsibility for all the discussions without thinking about of Curl’s demands. Her feelings to customers may prompt the loss of potential customers, for example, Curl. In association with the above case, I think it is recommendable for all bookkeepers to respect all customers we interface with imperative to our association. It is likewise prudent for us workers to guarantee that we control our feelings when conversing with customers. Furthermore, it is recommendable for us representatives to keep the distinctions we have with customers out of our doled out obligations. Else, I attest that everything is in charge in spite of the little test. As one of the bookkeepers, I anticipate guaranteeing E&Y has accomplished its

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Personal Narrative Writing Ideas for High School

Personal Narrative Writing Ideas for High School Writing a Personal Narrative Ideas for High School Looking for personal narrative writing ideas? Writing a narrative essay about the personal experience can be the most enjoyable type of school assignment to write because it gives you an opportunity to share an important event in your life and tell about your most intimate life experiences or life lessons. The topic of your personal narrative essay should reveal your personality or you can focus on a memorable event that had a great influence on you and shaped your outlooks and opinions. A personal narrative essay usually includes the same elements as an ordinary short story â€" a speaker, a plot, characters and settings, the main theme, and a viewpoint. But when writing your personal narrative, you do not need to create these key elements from your imagination because you know them from your personal experience. When writing a personal narrative, schoolchildren are introduced to the magic of storytelling. The goal of personal narrative writing is sharing a personal experience to create an emotional reaction on the reader. Sensory details, similes, and metaphors are important parts of personal narratives because they help the readers to feel a connection to the author. Many students follow these steps when writing a personal experience essay: Make quick notes of the main events in your narrative essay Organize all the events in your essay in a chronological order Decide what type of chronology you are willing to use in your personal essay: a flashback, flash forward or straight one Draft your narrative essay, writing in the first person Show, don’t tell. Provide your audience with convincing details of the events and vivid images that make your point Use a good combination of different figures of speech, engaging dialogue, and sensory details When you revise, edit, and rewrite your personal narrative, make sure that your piece of writing has a clear focus Where to Find Ideas for Writing a Personal Narrative How to choose personal narrative writing topics? Actually, a personal experience essay can describe any event in your life, no matter how long it lasted â€" just a few minutes or a few years. The only requirement is that your personal experience essay should have a clear point. When planning your narrative, start with a brainstorming session and write down as many ideas as you can. Don’t think that you have nothing to tell other people. Everyone’s life has some interesting events. For example, you can write about your painful or the happiest memories, the scariest moments, the moments when you were surprised or laughed the hardest. Make the list of specific events you want to describe, and select only those that can be arranged in the chronological order and the events that can be described with colorful, engaging or interesting details. Finally, make sure that the essay topic you have chosen has a point. There are a lot of different reasons why you may need to write a personal narrative essay, from an ordinary class writing assignment to a college application requirement. Then you may need personal experience writing ideas. Here is a short list of narrative writing prompts that can inspire your to describe a memorable event in your life, to tell an exciting story, to observe some important details in your world or write about who you are and reflect on ideas what you believe. What challenges have you ever overcome? Do you have any secret survival strategies? What motivates you? Do you have any problems with time management? Who are the people that you admire most? What is the best advice that you have got? Tell something about your family’s history. How close are you to your Mom and Dad? What is your favorite place in your hometown? Do you know your neighbors well? Where would you like to live when you are an adult? Do you have any ideas about your dream home? Are there any moments from the past that you wish to return? What was the best gift that you received in your early childhood? What are you grateful for? When do you lie? How do you understand the phrase ‘to be a real man’? Do you consider yourself a feminist? Are you a spender or a saver? Can money buy you happiness? Are you addicted to texting? Are you distracted by technology? How real are you on social media? What music inspires you? What are your favorite books and writers? What words do you hate? Where do you want to go to college? What’s your dream job? Do you have a best friend? What is your fantasy vacation? These 30 personal writing ideas listed above can serve you as a starting point for your brainstorming sessions and help you choose a good topic for writing an engaging personal story everyone can enjoy. If you need help with writing your personal narrative or any other type of essay, you can hire a professional writer on our paper writing service and get a qualified assistance. Our experienced writers can create impressive model essays on your topic if you provide them with necessary information.

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The Position Of Ceo Of An Established Organization

Rising to the position of CEO of an established organization is a journey that takes years of commitment, hard work, and consistent learning. Many people view educational achievement as a guarantee to the best work positions, but that is not always the case. Reaching the heights of success is a culmination of efforts, continuous search for excellence through learning, discipline, and persistence. While academic excellence is an important component of success, particularly regarding acquiring relevant knowledge and skill, it is also important to realize that education alone does not guarantee success. Moving from being an information management officer to become the CEO of a top systems management company in the country cannot be attributed solely to strong G.P.A., a bachelor degree, or my MBA. However, these credentials played a significant role in getting an opportunity to work for my success. There may be a variety of theories by different inspiration speakers and mentors on what one needs to do to become successful. While most of what they recommend may be appropriate for different situations, I believe that the beginning of any success is built on a strong desire to excel that leads a person to invest time and resources in a career (Hill, 2001). When the strong desire for success develops to passion, it makes you seek the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue particular goals. The desire to excel in academic work is reflected in consistently improving grades andShow MoreRelatedLord Martin Phalen : An Influential Leader861 Words   |  4 Pageswithin organizations, Earl Martin Phalen was influential leader in not for profit and for profit sections. With his experiences, skills, and characters, he contributed enormously commitment in his founding organizations: BELL and Summer Advantage . He showed his strong feeling of enthusiasm and motivation in his previous organizations that impacted on the country’s children, families, and educational syste m. Because of his experiences, ROAR offered him the position of CEO. Should Earl became CEO of ROARRead MoreIs Berkshire Hathaway A Slow Process? Essay1333 Words   |  6 PagesChanging the previously established culture of men working and women maintaining the family and home is a slow process, but it has not been completely in vain. Today, women make up 104 members of the United States Congress and 26 CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. However, the 104 members make up only 19% of Congress and the 26 CEOs represent approximately 5% of the Fortune 500 companies. Evidence such as this is indicative that women in the workplace continue to struggle with the metaphorical glassRead MoreCase Study : Preparing A Executive Officer915 Words   |  4 PagesCase Study One Ready to be CEO? Summary Christine is a humble and compassionate individual, who follows through on every task. She is creative in her work, applying new techniques and ideas to mundane tasks. On top of working efficiently, she is incredibly compassionate towards people, and relationally minded. She clearly loves her position at Being the Future Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to helping impoverished children find success in life, as is evident by her enthusiasm about the childrenRead MoreSplitting the Ceo Chairman1305 Words   |  6 PagesCorporate Governance: Separating the CEO and the Chairman Roles Reference: Millstein Center Publication Name: D O Diary Publication Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Article by : Kevin LaCroix Article summary: Many voices are calling public companies to separate the Chairman and CEO functions and to make this model a default governance structure and many evidences shows advantages of that. Pushing to separate the two roles is not a new idea, but it has gained support from many sources latelyRead MoreAn Interview With A Executive Officer1624 Words   |  7 PagesChief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-level of management within an organization. The CEO oversees all the lower-level employees and the other senior executives such as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Therefore, the CEO provides leadership to the CFO and all the other top-level executives in order, to build and implement an effective financial and strategic plan for the organization. As a result, the strategic and financial plans must be aligned with the organization s mission and/or valuesRead MoreBoard Conflict At The Crescent City Nursing Center1279 Words   |  6 PagesCrescent City Nursing Center is a situation c ommon in many healthcare establishments across the nation. Blackman, hired as the chief executive officer (CEO), has been tasked to improve the financial situation of the nursing center while balancing resources and maintaining a staff loyal to the organization’s goals, not just one individual within the organization (Goldsmith, 2011). The perception of the board of directors, since Blackman’s appointment, is that he has created problems among staff and facilitatedRead MoreStrategy, Organizational Design, And Effectiveness1171 Words   |  5 Pagesretardation facility serving a 5 county radius adjacent to Lubbock, Texas. The complexity of the organization includes a strict hierarchy of authority, uses both vertical and horizontal communication, and has a centralized structure. Policies and procedures are written in compliance with local, state, and federal laws. There is an executive committee consisting of the CEO, CFO, two Co-Associate CEOs, Medical Director, and the Director of Quality Management. These six individuals, in conjunctionRead MoreAir Asia Structure1698 Words   |  7 Pagesconcept in Malaysia. The low cost concept is introduced in the year of 2001 with the belief that â€Å"Now Everyone Can Fly† by Tony Fernandes. AirAsia was first established in 1993 and began its operation on 18 November 1996. In the year 2001, Anthony Fernandes (or known as Tony Fernandes) bought the airline which is suffering a loss. It was re-established as the low cost carrier after the bought over. AirAsia’s vision is to be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serve the 3 billion people who are currentlyRead MoreWalmart s Human Resources Mission Statement782 Words   |  4 Pageschallenging senior levels positions to minorities especially women. Currently, Walmart’s executive management team is made up of 36 individuals. Out of those 36 individuals, 9 are women (25%) compared to 27 men (75%). Going into further analysis out o f those 9 women, there is only one minority female, Rosalind G. Brewer, President and CEO of Sam’s Club. Mrs. Brewer is the first African American woman to fill the role of CEO a one of Walmart’s Stores’ divisions. Looking into the 27 positions which are occupiedRead MorePersonal Statement : Social Media Assistant804 Words   |  4 Pagesthat was uploaded to the social media page. As the social media assistant I was looking through the internet for articles or related posts that can be shared, my manager wanted me to share the content with her first before I posted it. But, her boss, CEO came into the office and looked over my content. He really liked the content that I found and wanted me to post it. So, I just post it on our page. My manger had already left for the day, so I sent her an e-mail about the work I did and didn’t hear

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Mcdonald s Ethical Principles And Ethical Issues - 912 Words

The McDonalds is one of the largest international fast-food chains that distributes their products in more than 119 countries across the globe. It is increasingly became common that such a big enterprises, as McDonalds most often faces moral or ethical issues that leads to many disputes between people within the company and outside of it. Nevertheless, McDonald’s business ethics represents a set of rules based on moral behaviour. In other words, â€Å"†¦ethics that examine ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment† (Ethics of McDonalds, 2015). Today, one of the most controversial ethnical topics that is accompany McDonalds Company is minimum wage issue that raised protests in the USA in spring of this year (Wee, 2015). 2.1 Why should the company use Utilitarian approach? Nowadays, most companies are concentrated on their own benefits and McDonalds is not an exception. The main aim of the company is generate profit and try to spend, as little, as possible on other things that can happened. Thus, one can say that at this point McDonalds is following an Egoism theory of ethics that assumes a full concentration on self-interest and is a basic component of capitalist economy. McDonalds has a slogan: â€Å"We do it all for you†, while (Kirkpatrick, 2007) affirms that it is a lie and McDonalds does it all for McDonalds. Consequently, to change the current situation McDonalds should probably follow another approach, such as Utilitarianism.Show MoreRelatedCase Studies : What Ethical Principles Are Involved? Essay950 Words   |  4 Pagesnurses and personal support workers. 1. What ethical principles are involved? Explain. (3=3/4 page) McDonald and McIntyre (2014) explain there are four ethical principles, and all of them are involved in the case scenario. Because the primary physician assumed that the client did not have the capability to make rational decision in regard to his own DNR status, the physician disregarded this patient’s autonomy (Laurentian University, n.d; McDonald McIntyre, 2014). On the other hand, if theRead More The Concept of Corporate Social Responsibility Essays1687 Words   |  7 Pagesterm CSR refers to a company?s obligation to maximize its positive impact on society, accommodating changing social, market stakeholder pressures in an effort to achieve sustainable economic, social environmental development throughout its operations and activities. CSR puts expectations, continuous improvement innovation at the heart of business strategies and the four dimensions of social responsibility are generally considered to be economic, legal, ethical philanthropic. ApproachesRead MoreMarketing Ethical Behavior And Government Regulation1128 Words   |  5 PagesMarketing is the seven p’s which are price, product, place, packaging, promotion, people and positioning in a business. In marketing ethical behaviour refers to business conduct that goes beyond the legal requirements. It is important as it can lead to significant opportunities for the business and in marketing which can assist them in attracting new customers and investors. It can involve truth, accuracy and good taste in advertising and products that may damage health. In addition government regulationRead MoreEthical Issues Of Marketing Field Of Australia1450 Words   |  6 PagesEthical Issues in Marketing Field of Australia Introduction: Ethics is the principle of differentiating between right and wrong. In business and marketing process, a number of ethical issues are involved that may have a positive or negative impact on the company. The term Ethical marketing is not only a marketing strategy but also a philosophy. It encourages a company representative to be honest, fair, and responsible in all advertising. It also includes communication skill, leadership skill, teamworkRead MoreImproving Ethical Behavior Is An Important Area Where Better Understanding Of Organization Behavior817 Words   |  4 Pages Improving ethical behavior is an important area where better understanding of organization behavior helps managers to train employees and tackle the ethical implications well. In an organizational world characterized by cutbacks, expectations of increasing productivity, and tough competition, it’s not surprising many employees feel pressured to cut corners, break rules, and engage in other que stionable practices. Increasingly they face ethical dilemmas and ethical choices, in which they are requiredRead MoreThe Pyramid Of Corporate Social Responsibility1262 Words   |  6 Pagesbusiness in accordance with the intent to follow all the company guidelines. In fact, this would allow the organization to make as much money as possible while maintain the basic rules of society, both of the embodied of the law and those of the ethical custom. In today’s business world any corporations who spend shareholder’s money if they invested any money in their company would be face with penalties and charges. Shareholders don’t have money in the organization, they just invest their moneyRead MoreThe Three Major Factors Fueling International Technological Growth1271 Words   |  6 Pageslegal and regulatory guidance are needed to address the issues that have arisen with the use of e-commerce. Stead and Gilbert (2001) identified several corporate social responsibility issues to help address unethical practices, the call for increased on-line consumer protection, cyberspace theft, content governance, spam, and intellectual property rights (Stead Gilbert, 2001). CSR Issues Relating to International Technology Growth CSR issues relating to international technology growth are legalRead More12 Ethical Principles For Business Managers1410 Words   |  6 Pagesstandard of moral and ethical practices, these companies are not guaranteed to be successful. Michael Josephson, the president and CEO of Josephson Institute has an article titled â€Å"12 Ethical Principles for Business Executives†, in which he talks about the twelve principles of ethics and how important it is to follow these principles. The article defines ethical principles as: Ethical principles are universal standards of right and wrong prescribing the kind of behavior an ethical company or personRead MoreChild Euthanasia in Belguim779 Words   |  3 Pageslives are worth less than others and because it may not always be in the person’s best interest. (BBC) The issue is especially controversial in children because their autonomy is questionable. I will argue that extending euthanasia to children is ethically wrong because these individuals are not autonomous and the act of child euthanasia violates the principle of non-maleficence. (McDonald-Gibson 1) Children, along with elders with dementia, people with severe disabilities, and those in an unconsciousRead MoreEthics : An Ethically Transformed Organizations3398 Words   |  14 Pages(James 4:17 English Standard Version). Ethical business procedures include guaranteeing that the main legality is in place. Also, the company observes moral standards in its relationships with the people in its business community, which includes the most important people in their business, who are the customers. This report will discuss ethics in business, ethically transformed organizations; organizations preparation to make ethical decisions, ethical danger signs, and organizations that does

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Business Plan - 1207 Words

Fast ‘n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor 858 Success Avenue Jacksonville, FL 32211 904-555-1212(T)- 904-555-1211(F) Fast ‘n Fresh Ice Cream Fast ‘n Fresh- - good for you! Prepared By Daniel Beese Submitted To: Jacksonville National Bank 2461 Money avenue Jacksonville, FL 32224 Statement of Purpose The purpose of this business plan is to support a request for a 75,000 five-year bank loan to purchase equipment and inventory as part of the financing for a start-up sole proprietorship, Fast ‘n Fresh Premiun Ice Cream Parlor. The business will be owned by Daniel W. Beese and will be located in leased space at 858 Success Ave in the new Riverside Faire shopping center, Jacksonville, FL 32211. The owner will†¦show more content†¦They do not sell sandwiches. The next competitor is La Petite Cafe. La Petite is another ice cream parlor, located one block over on Pine Avenue. Despite its upscale name La petite only serves the low grade ice cream, unlike Fast ‘n Fresh which only serves premium. They sell shakes and no sandwiches. They also only sell sugar cones which might be a liability for their business. Teh last local competitor is Superior Flavors. Superior Flavors is a major national chain with four locations in Jacksonville, FL. The closest Superior Flavors is four miles away . Superior Flavors is well known for their creative yogurt and ice cream flavors. Their products are priced moderately and they do not serve sandwiches. Superior Flavors has a competitive advantage with its name recognition. Fast ‘n Fresh has a advantage beacuse it offers sandwiches. Personnel The business will operate using local University, Community College, and high school students as its principle employees. This will reflect a youthful, invigorating image consistent with its Fast ‘n Fresh -- good for you! slogan. The manager will be an experienced person from one of the owners other businesses. A special employee benefit will be Fast ‘n Fresh Premium Ice Cream Parlor scholarships covering tuition and books. This offer will only be good after employees complete the ninety day probation period. The majority of the employees will be part time with a full timeShow MoreRelatedBusiness Plan For A Business Essay1708 Words   |  7 Pagesbrand-new business, expand an existing company, or get financing for a business venture, you will need to write a business plan. A business plan not only lends your business a sense of credibility, but also helps you to cover all your bases, increasing your chances of success. Although writing a business plan can be a lengthy, intimidating project, it is not necessarily difficult. Here is an overview of how to write a successful business plan. What to Include in Your Business Plan Your businessRead MoreBusiness Plan For A New Venture1355 Words   |  6 PagesA business plan can be used for beginning a new business, to create a more profitable business or for consideration of new services and ideas. A business plan is a written document that gives details on a business idea or venture and present the outlook of the business over a number of years. This plan will guide the business project management and operations, assist in vital decisions and measure performance. There are many types of business plans and not one of them is considered a universal planRead MoreEssay about Creating a Business Plan1119 Words   |  5 Pagesyou must have guidelines, so to speak, to know where you are heading in the future. That is why before you can start a business you need to draw up a detailed business plan. Business plans are considered blueprints. A business plan is what is needed to get your business off the ground and to attract potential investors. A business plan is way to show that you are in the business to make money. Introduce the company and the product/service idea for the new venture. Triple S Night Club is a new companyRead MoreBusiness Plan For An Casual Dining Mexican Restaurant1804 Words   |  8 PagesThe critical analysis essay is based on the business plan of an upcoming casual dining Mexican restaurant in an upmarket locality of Benowa Gardens, Gold Coast, Queensland. The restaurant is called Burrito Bar, which specialises in modern Mexican food along with alcoholic drinks and operates on a franchising model. The business plan was made by one Mr.Paddu for the purpose of procuring a bank loan/private funding to kick-start the project. The business plan follows the general format used in the restaurant/hospitalityRead MoreRenee Business Plan5082 Words   |  21 PagesBusiness Plan for a Startup Business The business plan consists of a narrative and several financial worksheets. The narrative template is the body of the business plan. It contains more than 150 questions divided into several sections. Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be done last. Skip any questions that do not apply to your type of business. When you are finished writing your first draft, you’ll have a collection of small essaysRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business1546 Words   |  7 Pagesenterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative or risk†. They are usually characterized as people with greatly valued self-reliance, with high optimism and people who who strive for distinction through excellence. I am interested in starting my own basketball business and becoming an entrepreneur. In order to start a business I need a business plan. From research, I have learned that my business plan needs to have an executive summary, identification of my business, financial recordsRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business840 Words   |  4 Pagesâ€Å"Business plans are statement of a business goals, reason they are attainable and plans on meeting it’ (FoxBuisness, 2013). A business plan maps the course and gives a detail plan on how these goals are achievable. It is also important to establish a solid business plan for funding. Some small business use venture capital, bank loans, personal funds, and private investors as sources of funding. The business plan must therefore, sell investors. A well-written convincing business plan can buy investorsRead MoreBusiness Plan1439 Words   |  6 PagesBusiness Plan What is Blueberry Nights? Type: bar and restaurant for young people Category: II. class Service method: plate service Menu type: A’la Carte Opening hours: Sunday to Wednesday 10:00-22:00 Thursday to Saturday 13:00-05:00 No day off Target market: students, tourists and residents Location: Budapest, Margit kà ¶rà ºt Few steps from Margaret Island Easy to reach by tram Seating capacity: 120 (80+40) 1st floor: kitchen area, 80 seated restaurant, bar, armchairsRead Morebusiness plan5494 Words   |  22 Pagesbecause we as a young generation that want to open new shop sold the â€Å"Keropok Leko†. OBJECTIVE OF THE ORGANIZATION Every business opportunity begins with the existence of various customers needs and wants for particular product or service. A need is something that is basic in life such as food, clothes and shelter. Therefore, our companies take these advantages and venture a business based on food industries. Our main activity is to manufacture keropok lekor that is made from fish paste, flour, and saltsRead MoreBusiness Plan For A Business1866 Words   |  8 Pages Business Plan Buiness model in theory and practice according to Wikipedia is used for a broad range of informal and forma l descriptions to represent the core aspects of a business, including the purposes of that business, its process, target customers, of ferings, strategies , infrastructure, organizational structures, trading practice, and operational processes and policies . Below, we would look at two kinds of business model (franchise and tradition al business) , their pros and cons, o r their

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Blockbuster Video free essay sample

The central issue or issues of the Blockbuster Video case that the company faced, can be broken down and represented as three major areas of focus: †¢Financial ? Prevent the continual decline in cash flow and profits. Lower inventory costs. †¢Strategic ? How to react to an ever decreasing video rental market. Promote global marketing to reach and service the international home entertainment market. †¢Technology ? Implement Best practices to utilize Blockbuster? huge customer database. Implement leading edge technology in keeping up with and surpassing their competition? s use of technological innovations. As was clearly seen through systems analysis, each one of these issues is directly related to Blockbuster? s continued success, and was an important area of focus for setting and achieving Blockbuster? s business directives. Financially Blockbuster had been experiencing a steady decrease in cash flow and profits finally resulting in a serious negative cash flow situation by 1994. How to prevent this trend became the number one financial issue that Blockbuster was facing. We will write a custom essay sample on Blockbuster Video or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Other issues for Blockbuster were how to remain profitable within a mature industry, and how to lower their inventory costs (mainly through middleman elimination). Blockbuster? s strategic issue of how to react to an ever decreasing video rental market lead to a corporate merger with Viacom, and subsequently to a partnership with Sony Electronics. These mergers were intended to increase profits by elimination of ? middleman? distributors and expand Blockbuster? s reach within the home entertainment industry as a whole. Blockbuster? s penetration into foreign markets was also a primary strategic issue in directing Blockbuster? s expansion. Another key strategic goal of Blockbuster was to change its image from a ? video? store into a ? total-entertainment store? , primarily by the addition of music and book sections to Blockbuster outlets. Technologically, Blockbuster was first of all trying to understand how technology could improve their business operations efficiencies and lower operating expenses, primarily through utilizing its already huge customer database. Secondly, Blockbuster was trying to find a way to match available technologies to customer needs in the form of state of the art audio and leading edge video product offerings, along with the need to use technology in attaining Blockbuster? s own business goals and objectives. IV. Alternatives: A few steps the managers could take now that the issues have been determined and sufficient analysis has taken place would be; continued focus on technological innovations such as the Web as a means for growth within the domestic market as well as to promote international market penetration. Establishing a name synonymous with video, then wanting to broaden their scope to ? total-entertainment store? , requires staying on top of edge home entertainment technologies such as ? Video on Demand? services. An ES or DSS could greatly assist Blockbuster management in making good decisions regarding which new technologies to invest in, based on market research presented through ES and DSS analysis. Blockbuster should consider building an Expert System in helping to provide solutions regarding future technological investments. Blockbuster should continue with technological innovations such as the 1997 DVD kiosk concept to keep ahead of its competition, and to stay on the leading edge of home entertainment technology. Blockbuster? free CD internet access promotion with Sprint might be used as a model to be used in an ES (Expert System) to help Blockbuster make sound business and promotional decisions through the solutions provided by the ES? s rules-based inference engine. Given the current environment in which the managers are working, and the problems and opportunities that they face, it would seem that the most comprehensive approach that Blockbuster could take would be to continue their Industry leading technological innovations, focused on international distribution as a means of increasing customer satisfaction, market share, and lowering operating costs.This could be implemented by the use of an ES, or even a DSS (Decision Support System), such as a capital investment decision system in helping the management at Blockbuster plan their present and future financial investment strategies.